Introducing a Character, Jude.

  Last October someone kindly drew a picture of my character, Jude, from Absolution. I ended up not writing the novel last year though, and unexpectedly the want to write it this August came to me.  For the past month I’ve been letting Jude divulge his, and Emily’s story to me.

   He’s probably one of my favorite character’s I’ve had to write, which can be a problem, and joy.  I have to make sure I give my other character’s equal development, and not play favorite to him. Jude has so many complexities that it can make that difficult. He is a character you can as easily dislike for what he’s done, as you can like for the human quality he provides.  To give you a little insight, Jude has cheated on his wife. His wife dies in a car wreck a few days later, and it is killing him that he was not able to receive her forgiveness after she found out.  Jude is now on a journey, provided by a mirror, to find his wife in the after life through a collection of his memories of her to gain her forgiveness. 
   One of the more tougher parts of developing a character is to make sure he reads as lively to readers as he is to me.  In my mind I can see the character so well, but since I’m the one who thought him up that makes sense.  This drawing brings him so much more to life to me, and hopefully people who will read this in the future.  
   Another thing I’ve been struggling with is how much detail to give about a character.  Writers give a variety of advice, and that can be confusing. Should I discuss the color of his hair, or eyes? Would the reader rather fill that all in themselves? I’ve found that as a reader, I will already have an image with or without a description.  Names, and surroundings for some reason provide so much more than telling me what the person looks like.  
   I’m trying to make use of the advice and resources given to make sure my character is as in depth as I can write them.  I haven’t ever been able to get into questionnaires for some reason though. I am attempting outlines, but for some reason I am just the type of person who wants to get in there and write.  Anyways, I wanted to introduce Jude. My story is putting him through the ringer! 

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