Book Review: Emily Ann Ward’s Finding Fiona

   Could it be possible your whole existence is only a replication of someone else’s? That is what Fiona, in Finding Fiona, is have to face in Emily Ann Ward’s novella.  Fiona wakes up not knowing anything about her past until a few months later someone reveals to her she is Elizabeth Normans. From then on she is trying to piece together her previous life while figuring out she can and can’t trust.
    The novella is very entertaining. There were more twists than I expected, and the characters were memorable. I liked how the story throws immediately into how confusing things are for Fiona. The introduction of James early, also provided the suspense at a good time.
   I believed the story was also well paced. The story contains a lot of information, and it seems well researched. I’m not sure about the accuracy of how replication works considering I haven’t read too much about it, but the book explains everything so the reader can easily understand.
    I believe that whether you are a sci-fi reader or not, you will enjoy this book.  The book is youthful, and strangely reminds me of a coming of age novel. Fiona is having to find herself, and I can very much relate to that since I’m a just recent graduate.   I feel like I’m having to find where it is I now go next. If you want to check out more then visit Emily Ann Ward’s website.

The book was provided by Emily Ann Ward, the author.

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