Book Review: Elizabeth Miles’ Fury

  Fury was completely different than I thought it would be. I was thinking this book would be similar to Gossip Girl when I began, but it turned out to be almost like a horror novel.  The book has a lot of enjoyable twists and turns that keep you entertained, but be warned the characters do things that leave you wanting to dislike them until you see how we all are capable of destructible things.
     Em has a crush on her friend’s boyfriend, Zach. He seems to be flirting with her, and giving her a chance, but she is unsure of whether she wants to betray her friend this way. There is also Chase who has a dark secret, but it seems to be haunting him in his new relationship with a mysterious girl, Ali.
    This book is quite dark, and even though the characters show remorse for their wrongdoings the book maintains it’s tragic feel. Drea was a very interesting character, and I hope the book features a bit more from her. She seems to be very complex. I liked the feel of this book, and it felt natural to read.
  I want to add that I don’t think I’ve read a young adult novel that had language quite like this one. I think the age group can handle it, but it was strong. The book does deal with many issues that happen though. The ending definitely has you wanting the next book very soon.
   I enjoyed this, and I’m not a teen. I’m also not someone who feels they are hugely interested in digital books, but this kept my attention.

I received this book apart of the Pulse It program in exchange for a review.

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