Still Trying to Warm Up to Chords

   For the past couple of weeks it seems I’ve had trouble overcoming how to play C. This past week Em was presented to me, and now I’m having to also adjust my fingers to it too. My hands just don’t have the flexibility to reach everything, but I’m hoping they’ll eventually adjust to it.
    Em, and C seem have the fingers placed oddly. They are almost stretched in a way where your fingers feel like they shouldn’t be bending, especially Em.  I actually just went to practice again, and my “point finger” is feeling pretty beat up. I have no idea why, but it seems to be the finger having the most difficultly adjusting to the strings.
   I’ve started looking at songs I want to learn though! I think I jumped way ahead though when I tried strumming some stuff from Mumford and Sons though. I’ve always enjoyed trying to piece music together even though I should be focusing on what I’m playing before even thinking about that.
    Tomorrow I have my third lesson though, and I am looking forward to what knowledge awaits me there. I’ve learned so many chords in only two weeks, and the two I’m struggling on sort of have me feeling a little behind.

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