Going into Week Four, and Feeling Bummed

   So yesterday I got a new guitar. I was looking for something that would be easier to learn on since my guitar was almost making learning unenjoyable with the pain it caused whenever I tried to play. I seriously couldn’t type well on my laptop after sitting and playing for only 15 minutes. Yesterday I walked into the guitar store to just gauge the prices of one, but ended up walking out with one. I usually like to do loads of research before purchasing, but after sitting down with one, and finding it pretty easy to play I continued on with my purchase.
    I found out that the guitar is basically beginner, but I guess I shouldn’t get in over my head in seeking out something expensive when I’m not too good at it yet. The only thing that made me sort of upset was to find that I could have ordered a whole kit with my guitar instead of just buying it solo at the store. I saved about $20 on it versus purchasing it online, and probably a tad more considering I didn’t have to  pay for shipping. Was all the gear that came with it only worth $15 or $20 though? I checked out it on Ebay though, and people aren’t selling it single for much cheaper than what I bought it for. My mom is now telling me to stop overanalyzing and just be happy with my purchase. This would be very easy if it didn’t have a broken string which sent me spiraling downward.
    I’m gong to admit that I don’t know much about guitars, but I liked the sound of my little guitar, or I wouldn’t have considered it. I was also into going the acoustic/electric route, and that’s what it is. My only concern is that it may be a difficult guitar to tune. The high E broke before I could fully achieve it being accurate. After that I was too scared to attempt tuning the others since I didn’t want a guitar with a bunch of broken strings.
   I’m hoping Monday arrives very soon because I am so anxious to get this fixed, and be back to playing. I read a few random reviews online for the guitar I got, and the general opinion seems to be that it is a suitable beginning guitar, which reassures me a bit. Hopefully I’ll keep moving forward very soon.

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