Book Review: Anne Mateer’s Wings of a Dream

   Rebekah is a girl who dreams big, especially for someone bound by society’s expectations of women in 1918. She meets a man, Arthur, who seems to be her escape to exploration until moving to Texas to take care of her Aunt throws off her plans. There she finds a calling taking care of the children who are left behind, which split her between returning to her dreams, and settling to take care of them.
   This book was an improvement in comparison to other historical romance I’ve recently read. Rebekah seems very strong willed, and she doesn’t seem to be obsessed with men besides finding one that can travel her around the world. I won’t hold her basing exploring the world on a man to supply that for her against her.  I figure at the time it was hard to escape the concept of only doing something because you married into it. The characters were nicely developed, and it didn’t have a lot of cheesiness that the genre usually has.
   The novel does lull some, and I felt like I was reading the same thing again, and again. The action is based off someone always having the Spanish flu it seems, or being sick. Also, I was never sure who Rebekah had an interest in. It seemed she was interested in two guys, but she seems only interested in what they can provide, and never actually interested in them. She is like the “gold digger” of the early 1900s. Except she was digging for a family, or to travel, and not exactly money.
   This book held my interest, but I felt there could have been more emotions from the characters. Rebekah seemed to only feel for the children. The romance was very downplayed. You can check out the Wings of a Dream at Amazon.

This book was provided by Bethany House Publishers in exchange for a review. 

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