Getting to Know the Blogger: Where I Want to Be Ten Years From Now

Day 2 – Where Would You Like to be in Ten Years

   I am a person who is driven by goals. I thrive off accomplishing things though mine are more creation oriented than money, or business oriented. I think about where I was ten years ago at 13, and my biggest hope was to get through college, and now that that has happened it’s time to set new goals. With that being said I try not to live for the future, when I have no idea what will actually happen. I have goals I’m working toward, but I think that should be something I strive everyday to do, and not just for a set time in the future.
    There are a few things creative wise that I would love to accomplish by the time I’m 33. First I’m working toward publishing a novel, whether that be with a publishing house, or by self-publishing, I don’t know yet. I think they both have huge positives, and negatives. Another thing I’m working on is beginning my own photography business. I really hope in 10 years that it will be a full fledge growing business that is taking it’s next step into providing videography or designs.
   As for other aspects of my life, I hope that by the time I’m 33 I’ve at least gotten married, or I’m in a relationship that is definitely working toward marriage. Before I get married though, I want to live on my own for a bit, and gain independence on my own. I need to accomplish that before I turn 33 also. Another thing on my list to hopefully achieve is a master’s degree. I’m not sure if I’ll do that by the time I’m 33, but I’m already toying with the idea.
    So these are some things I hope to achieve, or happen in ten years. I try to keep everything realistic, but if something beyond any of these things happen, then that would be amazing too.

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