Wednesday Movie Night: Once

   I haven’t watched many foreign films, and Once probably was only the second movie I’ve watched that is. If you’re curious, it’s an Irish film.  Don’t let the advertisements fool you into thinking this is a romantic movie though, this movie is purely about music. It is for the music fan.
   The two lead characters are never given a name, and summaries only refer to them as Boy, and Girl. This doesn’t detract from feeling connected to the characters though. Anyways, a woman finds a street  musician, and takes an interest in him. He ends up fixing her vacuum, and discovering her talent for playing the piano.  Though he does make a move for her she turns him down, and eventually he finds out why she has put down his advances. They continue to hang out and grow through music. Not only does their relationship continue to evolve, but the capabilities of their music do also.
    This movie was really good, and it even won an Oscar for the musician’s featured music. IMDb even says that Bob Dylan was so impressed he signed them on for a tour.  Beyond the music the chemistry, and acting was great too. I think this was the most subtly romantic movie I’ve watched. The two leads have such a natural chemistry with each other. The Irish actor is quite a curser. I heard that cursing was way heavier overseas, and it is very true. The movie was rated R on language alone, which I thought was a bit ridiculous. The movie is actually very decent in my opinion. They even refer to sex as “hanky panky”. I think we should take up using this word. It’s fun to say.
   This movie has a really good story, and it is told very well. I’m very impressed with my selection of movies, particularly this one. If you are a musician, or huge music fan, then this one is a definite recommend. I’m personally also a huge fan of Irish things, so it was very nice having a small glimpse of what Ireland is like. You can check out the movie at Amazon.

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