Wednesday Movie Night: Scream (1996)

  Earlier this year I watched Scream 4, which got me curious about the previous Scream movies that I haven’t seen.  Recently Scream was on television, so I decided to take the opportunity to check the first one out.
   Someone in town decides to begin imitating horror movies to live out their own. They begin by killing a girl, and her boyfriend which sends the town into a frenzy. Sydney begins receiving calls as the next victim, but gives the killer a good fight with others falling into the victims path instead.
   I want to say that Wes Craven is brilliant at building tension. Everything from the huge open windows to the killer taunting to his whereabouts sort of scares you. This movie doesn’t seem near the parody that Scream 4 did. It actually seemed to confused as humor at points, but then this one felt like more of a horror film.
  It was interesting finally seeing the beginnings of all the characters. There were some who lived who I wanted to find out about in the 2nd and 3rd movies since they disappeared.  As for the shock ending, it wasn’t really shocking.  The people doing it turned out to be pretty obvious. I was much more shocked by the ending of Scream 4. 
  I think the other two remaining Scream movies I haven’t seen will be posted in future posts of Wednesday Night Movie. I for some reason decided to watch this at one in the morning which isn’t too good of an idea.

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