Getting to Know the Blogger: Suggested Reading

Day 17 – A book you could read over again.

   I probably have several books I could read over again, but the one that comes to mind first is One Day. I actually have plans to try to read it yearly.  I don’t think a book has personally resonated with me as much as it did.
   Dexter, and Emma seemed like characters I wish I could have wrote. they were so complex, and I enjoyed how the author showed their development as people throughout the years. I could see aspects of myself in both characters, but mostly Emma. Her life in her twenties was about struggling to find a place she was content with, and she had to work hard to eventually achieve that later in life. I hope that what happens for me, but now I just have to work with what I got now.
  On another note I’m really looking forward to when this movie is out on DVD. Even though it doesn’t capture the book in every sense I think it was a good attempt.
  One Day isn’t a book for everyone. It seems to be one that people like or don’t. I recommend checking it out though. It’s honestly not a chick book. I would say it’s more of a book about life.

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