Book Review: Lynn Austin’s Wonderland Creek

    I really need to get to researching history more so when I read these books I’ll know how researched they are instead of making assumptions about the obvious things that seem inaccurate to me.
    In Wonderland Creek, Alice goes to the Kentucky mountains to deliver books she would like to donate after her boyfriend breaks up with her. She then stays there for two weeks helping deliver books after the library owner is injured. Somehow she ends up getting dragged in staying longer, which at first seems like a bad thing until other developments into adulthood and love happen for her.
    The over usage of “boyfriend” really irked me. Yes the term did exist in 1936, but did it imply good things about a woman during that time? No.  Maybe in the city where she was from it was a common word to call a guy you were dating, but in the country someone wouldn’t have approached you asking if you had a boyfriend. They still used more commonly other used terms at the time such as “gentlemen caller”, or perhaps even “beau”. Usually if a woman said someone was her boyfriend it implied that more than the less than traditional courtship was happening between her and him. Courtship was still a very common practice up till the 50s. I would know this because my grandparents were not allowed to go out on dates without a chaperon.  This usually meant a lot more things had to be snuck around about such as openly referring to someone in such a casual dating sense.
    The book is a bit slow in some parts, but it keeps your interest enough to continue reading to see what happens.  Some of the scenes seem highly unrealistic, but without them this book would have had no entertainment.  I like that book’s lead is an avid book reader though. I’ve actually experienced some of the same meanness Alice has for enjoying reading so much.
    If this is your usual genre you enjoy reading, then you will find it a good read, but if not then that is iffy.  You can check out the book at Amazon.

This book was provided by Bethany House in exchange for a review. 

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