Movie Review: One Day

   Sadly, One Day was a flop at the theaters. I was probably apart of the handful of people who really wanted to get to the theaters that weekend to watch it.  Actually, I didn’t got that weekend, I went on a much less busier day to see it. I would like to also believe that maybe this story just wasn’t as big in America, or maybe it was and I’m in denial.
   If you haven’t read the many times I talked about it before then here I go again. Dexter and Emma are friends, and this book follows their lives over twenty years after they decide to be friends.  Through tragedy, good times, love, and death, Dexter and Emma experience all over the course of following the day they met on for each year.
   I have no idea what it would be like to watch this movie without having to read the book. Could it have felt disjointed? Possibly.  There probably wasn’t quite the build up of emotions and character growth that there should have been. I think Jim Sturgess did a really good job of capturing the change of Dexter though.  He went from a charming, jerk type guy to a guy who was broken, and wanting to finally feel the connection to life he had been missing.
   Anne Hathaway grows into her character, Emma, but never truly captures the complexity needed. Of course the fact she has to mimic the accent the best she can doesn’t help either. I’m sure for someone who knows the accent better it is quite distracting. Also, don’t let the trailers deceive you into thinking this is like a over the top romance like Nicholas Sparks. This is a much deeper story, that is about life in general, and how our paths lead us to where we go. It’s about the development of people. Also, the brutal tragedy in the story will leave you shock if you think it’s like Sparks.
  Overall, I really enjoyed the movie, and I thought it capture the book as best it could. I’m sure it helped that the author of the book wrote the screenplay also, so he knew what he was doing.  I’m just not a Hathaway fan, which is what sort of kept it from being as good as it could have been. I think near the end she really felt like the character. You can check out the movie at Amazon.

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