How to be a part of suicide prevention?

  The World Health Organization has found that one million people are estimated to die from suicide every year, and in the last 45 years the suicide rate has increased by 60%.  These findings don’t even include suicide attempts, which are 20 times more frequent than completed suicide.  Now having stated just how serious the issue is worldwide it makes you consider, or at least me, what you can do to reach out to people, or even deal with your own struggles with the contemplation of suicide.
  Sometimes maybe we think this sort of thing doesn’t affect us, or may we won’t ever be that depressed in life, but more celebrities have even admitted to their struggles with considering suicide, more recently being George Clooney.  I remember a girl just recently that I went to school with died from a suicide attempt, but whether she meant to only alarm someone or seriously take her life was unknown. We can choose to not acknowledge, but in some shape or form this problem may somehow enter our lives. So why is this particular issue important to me?
  I think I’ve come across people before that I sadly neglected reaching out too because I didn’t understand what they might be going through.  Also, I think most of us knows how it feels to be feel completely backed in a corner without any options to turn to.  I became interested in seeking what I could to help, even if minor, in high school. That’s when I came across To Write Love On Her Arms, which gave opportunities to spread the word about them, which offered encouragement to people dealing with those struggles.
   If I learned anything it’s how powerful just listening can be, and at least providing a sense that someone is there. I truly don’t think people were made to be loners, though I’m quite an introvert.  We need a sense that someone else understands, and if nothing else the presence of someone else can be a powerful thing. Obviously, this turned out not exactly directing the question I began with. Hopefully you’ve got a sense of how I’m trying to help though, and can find some encouragement from that.

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