9 of 1001: Little Richard’s Here’s Little Richard

  I’m thoroughly surprised by how much I enjoyed Little Richard. I probably was most familiar with him from his appearance at the end of the 1995 movie, Casper. I won’t share my thoughts as a 5 year old since as a child I had no concept of filtering my bluntness.
  This album is probably the most impressive one on the list though. You are instantly forced off wherever you are seated to dance by ‘Tutti Frutti’.  Not only that, but Little Richard has a great voice except when he over does it. Since hearing him on Casper I never really researched his music, and wasn’t aware of the genre he helped mold, which was rock n’ roll.  For some reason he always reminded me of Michael Jackson for some reason, but they are at the opposite end of the spectrum, somehow blending to meet different aspects of pop. I guess my lack of knowledge on the two is what gave me the impression. Perhaps my confusion was based off the fact they are both good vocalist.
   I got to reading a little bit of comments on Little Richard, and read that Bruno Mars is inspired by him. Bruno Mars’ music has never really caught my attention, but I find it intriguing that he is perhaps incorporating 50s rock into his music. Though there is an innocence about 50s rock, it’s so obvious what is being alluded to. I think it would be nice if music would go back to being that way. Subtle in nature, but obvious in how it makes you react.
   I’m feeling pretty certain that I will be putting Little Richard on my playlist whether it be for writing, or just to listen to it does good for either. I wouldn’t mind having the vinyl too so I could play it on a record player one day. I think it would so very impressive flowing through my house.

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