26 of 1001 Albums: Joan Boez’s Self Titled

  I have a feeling if I mentioned I had just listened to Joan Boez to someone she would be a lot more popular than I had thought at first. I didn’t recognize her name when I saw who was next on the list, but I have this feeling she is extremely well known, and just escaped my radar my whole life. She seems to have brought in the sounds of the 60s that most are so familiar with though.
   When I heard the first song I got really excited about the album particularly because I enjoyed the guitar playing, but then Boez began singing. She has a great voice, but it seemed mismatched to me. Boaz would go into almost operatic moments that seemed too much for the folksy sound of her music.  I don’t argue with anyone who likes that since it is all about personal taste, but it took away from the sound of the music for me.
  Also, when I went to type in her name into Google search I got a lot of images of her and Bob Dylan, or just pictures of Dylan, which was interesting. I’ll have to do some further research to see why these two were meshed together in searches. It’s not a huge coincidence since I can see how their music might have crossed at some point, and the years they performed weren’t far apart. Perhaps they even were together at one point?I have no idea yet though.
   If you’re into folksy stuff then this is up your alley. It probably would have been amazing had I enjoyed Boez’s voice more, but I sometimes the overly dramatic tone through me off.

2 thoughts on “26 of 1001 Albums: Joan Boez’s Self Titled

  1. *thinks how to put this politely*

    You should probably correct the spelling of her last name in your post. 🙂

    (If I add a smiley, it's polite, right?)

    Anyway, my first exposure to Joan Baez was in “Forrest Gump” in the scene when Jenny covers “Blowin' in the Wind” — naked! “Blowin' in the Wind” is a Bob Dylan song (Jenny calls herself “Bobby Dylan” in this scene) but it's the Joan Baez live cover that's on the soundtrack.

    Wiki tells me that Joan is the one who helped popularize Bob Dylan's songs, and that yup, the two WERE romantically involved for a time.


  2. No problem! Feel free to correct if you see a mistake. I have no idea how I missed that one, especially since I had to type in her name in a search engine.

    Great information! I actually haven't seen Forrest Gump yet. That clarifies why Bob Dylan popped up so much along with her name. : )


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