Monday Musings: Where I Belong

  It is unknown where life will take me, or where I will end up living. I could end up in the city, or in the country. There is no way of knowing at the moment. I know where I’m at now, and though others can blast it for all it’s lacking, it’s a nice place to be if this where I’m supposed to be right now.  It may not have the most to offer regarding nightlife, or cuisine, but it’s where I feel at home at.
  I live in a place with lots of agriculture, and the nearest Wal-Mart is a thirty minute drive.  It’s very rural. I often get asked what there is to do in my town? If I want to set up a date here I usually dread trying to make it sound even a little appealing to set up a first meeting at. Recently, I’ve been rethinking how I how I approach this question I get asked though, and instead of saying “not much”, or something else that sounds too negative, I want to try to highlight what it is I do enjoy about being here.
  First off, I don’t think I’ve seen a more beautiful of the stars than I have here.  I’m sure everyone else could list better places, but without all the city lights, there is a huge open view to gaze at the stars. Another thing is the nature. You see the oddest animals all the time, and regardless of odd they might be it’s peaceful to go outside and sit. Also, there are some of the best views from atop hills here where you can see out to the nearest city, it’s pretty amazing.
  These are just a few things, but they are huge things to me. I do desire to perhaps live in the city for a time, or somewhere with a tad more variety of things to do, but if I can go nowhere else now then this is where I would want to be. I never hope I have to leave too far from here because even if I did get my wish to live a little bit more nearer to a city I would miss what the place I live in now has to offer.

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