112 of 1001 Albums: Laura Nyros’s Eli and The Thirteenth Confession

Laura Nyro’s second album wasn’t exactly a popular success, it proved worthy of critical fame.  Though it is most notably under the genre of pop you will hear other genres sprinkled throughout her songs as influences especially since she is a talented pianist.  The album includes an array of subjects including drug use, and the most notable song on the album is “Stoned Soul Picnic”. I can see the crowd that probably chilled to that one at her debut at the pop festival prior to the year of this album’s release. 
My Thoughts
I’m still trying to imagine what pop was like in the 60s versus what we view pop as nowadays. Nyro doesn’t sound like she would have influenced anyone we hear singing the same genre on the radio today. I would have probably mistaken her for another genre combined with jazz. My favorite listen from this album was “Lonely Women”.  Her voice is so unique, and at times it sounded different than the flow of the music the band was playing.  Another recommend listen from this album is “Poverty Train”.  There is a lot of history embedded in a few of these songs making it a journey to listen to. 
Rating 3 out of 5.

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