130 of 1001 Albums: The Who’s Tommy

Want to hear a rock opera? Then you’ll probably want to start with an album labeled the first of it’s kind, Tommy, by The Who.  Also, we have another album that is telling a story, or at least loosely. This time it’s about a blind, dumb, and deaf boy, and features an electric cast of characters throughout the album. Notably, this album has been in the Grammy Hall of Fame since 1998. 

My Thoughts
I don’t think I’ll ever take up listening to The Who. There isn’t anything wrong with the way they sound, and it’s extremely inventive, but I just don’t ever go back and listen to it. This is like the fourth album now, or so it seems, and I still haven’t caught on. It wasn’t bad to listen to, but I wish it would draw me in a tad more.

Rating 2 of 5.

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