144 of 1001 Albums: Fairport Convention’s Unhalfbricking

This album brought the first chart success for Fairport Convention when it reached the U.K. charts at #12.  There were many changes in the lineup of the band, but as with the last album Sandy Denny was still leading the reigns.  Tragically, the band lost a couple of it’s members in a traffic accident stirring up their band.  Interestingly, the people featured on the album cover is one of the band member’s parents in representation of their song “Ghost”. 
My Thoughts
Though it’s the same band this album sounds quite different. It’s both still folk, but I don’t think it’s the British folk you here on Liege and Lief.  “Cajun Woman” was one of the few that reminded me of that song. I did still like the style though, and just as much as I did on the album I heard from them yesterday.  I didn’t find it to be as unique as the Celtic folk sound they established though. One of my other favorites though was Si Tu Doir Partir”.
Rating 4 of 5. 

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