Book Review: Deborah Raney’s After All

A community is recovering from a fire that took the lives of many, including Susan’s husband, David.  There is a bit of a problem though, and that is a secret has been left behind by her husband.  Along with Susan, there is also Andrea, who lost a dear friend in the fire also, but because of his marriage, she must keep her loss silent. Then there is Peter Brennan still feels responsible for the fire that took the lives of the firefighters as the chief. As all the lives intertwine they find comfort in the least expected places. 
After All has a very interesting cover. Honestly, it does, and the description on the back is very catching also. The problem is this though, what I read in the book wasn’t near as interesting as the anticipation on the back. Perhaps, it was because I hadn’t read previous novels in the series, so I didn’t have that connection to fall into, but I’ve always thought  a good novel would catch me regardless of my past knowledge of previous ones in the series.
I’m going to guess that maybe with the help of the movie, Fireproof, this book series was fueled.  As most know, that was a huge hit with this audience, and for some reason the idea of firefighting, and women seems innocent enough I suppose. I will say it is a nice break from Amish fiction at least.
These characters do have interesting back stories though, so I will give Raney that, and I was interested in seeing how that played out. There is this huge obsession with alcohol in these novels though. It’s like it’s a safe sin to talk about or something. Because we all know sexual sins are much more too graphic for a Christian novel!  I’ve read several where this is the sin of choice to focus on though. I’m not saying alcohol is the sin, but the drunkenness that is threw in.
If you like Christian novels, and you want a new series I recommend it. Personally it was very much the same to me as other things I have read, and I like things a little bit more edgier.

Rating 3 of 5.

This book was provided by Glass Road Publications for a review.

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