146 of 1001 Albums: Isaac Hayes’ Hot Buttered Soul

Isaac Hayes’ name sounded very familiar, but I figured it was just coincidence. It turns out he was one of the voice actors on South Park that notably left over his beliefs in Scientology. Nothing to do directly with the album, but still interesting information. This album though was a staple movement for soul music. Hot Buttered Soul almost never was recorded considering the flop of his previous debut album, Presenting Isaac Hayes. 
My Thoughts
Though soul music is interesting I’m not completely sure how I feel about listening to it. Some of the songs were way long. The positive is that Hayes does have a good voice, and it definitely fits in with the Motown music you here, so you can see how it’s landmark in that way. You have a lot of jazz, and blues coming together to create something interesting, but personally nothing I would listen to again. 
Rating 2 out of 5.

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