151 of 1001 Albums: Leonard Cohen’s Songs From a Room

I’m surprised this is Leonard Cohen’s second album since it seems like so long ago I was listening to his debut. Maybe it wasn’t as long ago as it seems though. This album reached number 63 in the U.S., and number 1 in the U.K  Interestingly, the album features a jaw harp in the array of instruments on the album. You also have the fiddle, and acoustic guitar making appearances. 
My Thoughts
There are some strong songs on here that I enjoyed, but there were others I didn’t get into as much. I kept really trying to imagine the feel of each song as I listened to it though since you can’t really move to it nor is it really driving music. Probably one of the most memorable for me was “Partisan”. I thought the use of different instruments, and the vibe made it one of the more fun songs to listen to. On a random note, Leonard Cohen, and Dustin Hoffman look a lot alike. 
Rating 3 of 5.

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