161 of 1001 Albums: The Bee Gees’ Odessa

This is surprisingly the sixth album from the Bee Gees. For some reason I thought they began much later like in the 70s. This album would be the last one that featured the original lineup of the band. Guitarist Vince Melouney, and Robin Gibb left over artistic differences from Barry Gibb. Robin Gibb would return the year after this album was released in 1970. The remaining members Barry, and Maurice would continue to record with Colin Peterson, but after Peterson was fired they disappeared all together until some of the originals banded again. 
My Thoughts
As soon as you get this album going it is difficult to not notice it’s uniqueness. The singer has a voice that could not be everyone’s preference depending on who you are. The first song is way too long for me for it to be a good start, but I focused on enjoying the other songs soon after. To say the least this album is interesting. As it continued on I found myself enjoying the sounds that could only be associated with the Bee Gees. Probably one of my favorites was “Sound of Love”. It’s dramatic, and definitely shoots to be a power ballad. Overall, I found it to be a quite enjoyable album.
Rating 4 of 5.

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