164 of 1001 Albums: MC5’s Kick Out The Jams

MC5 had such a hopeful start that Rolling Stone featured them on the cover of their magazine even before their debut album was released. Oddly, Rolling Stone also gave them a negative review once it was released.  Their reputation for lively shows was captured in Kick Out The Jams. Though they disbanded in 1972, they are noted for having a huge impact on music, especially kick starting the punk rock movement.  Rolling Stone though now has featured them on their Greatest Albums of All Time list. Unlike early critics who weren’t fond of the album, modern day critics have held it in high regard.
My Thoughts
The album gets started with interesting vocals, and heavy guitar playing. Instantly you realize you’re about to experience MC5 live. The singer seems passionate about what he is singing, and he revs the crowd up with some motivational speech. I’m sure this album would have been a blast to see live, but I’m not sure it was something I enjoyed listening to in the morning after waking up. You can definitely see how this album helped influence punk rock with it’s vibe. Perhaps, this one just wasn’t too much my style though. 
Rating 2 of 5. 

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