170 of 1001 Albums: Van Morrison’s Astral Weeks

This album blending earthly love with heaven themes, and mixing elements of jazz, blues, classical and folk music has made an a long lasting impact of future artists to arrive. The critical acclaim was positive when it released, and it has landed at number seven on Rolling Stones list of Greatest Albums of All Time. Despite the fact it has a cult fan base, and received positive attention from critics it failed to reach commercial success. It didn’t receive gold until after 33 years of it’s release.

My Thoughts
Van Morrison certainly has made an interesting album with this one. The instrument arrangements are beautiful, and his voice is unique. The songs have a nice romantic flavor to them including “Beside You”, and “Sweet Thing”. The only thing is that these songs are extremely long. They range from four minutes to nine minutes. Morrison carries it well though, and sometimes you don’t even know seven minutes has passed.  This album is definitely unique in style, and might need another listen to fully grasp it all.

Rating 3 of 5.

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