173 of 1001 Albums: Black Sabbath’s Paranoid

Since this was the only album to top the U.K. album charts many would say it is perhaps their finest album they released. With this being only their second album I would say that is a good start. Also, this album has been certified four times platinum!  Paranoid also opened the doors for Black Sabbath to go tour America after it’s success was found overseas. Critics have also responded positively to this album over time by listing it as the greatest album of all time lists. 
My Thoughts
So two days in a row I’ve had Black Sabbath to listen to, and today seemed very different from the sound I had yesterday. We had the same showcasing of guitar skills, but a more laid back sound from what I could tell. “Planet Caravan” is nothing I would have expected to hear from this band. I thought even Ozzy’s voice sounded different on this one. Of course you can still tell who he is but there was something different about the sound. There are lots of little interesting sounds added to this one too. If you enjoyed the last album though there are still songs on here very much building on the sound of the last one. You just have more added to it. Also, you have the recognizable song “Iron Man” featured. I remember my dad noting they had to learn that in band in high school. The negative lyrics though just don’t have me too into the album though.
Rating 2 of 5. 

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