Book Review: Angela Hunt’s Five Miles South of Peculiar

Darlene, and Carlene don’t speak, and when Carlene left, Darlene stayed behind still making her home in Peculiar. Carlene went on to make her name on Broadway, but now that she has became a veteran of the industry she is having to reconsider where life might take her next. There is also Magnolia, who takes notice of a divorced Reverend who moves into town despite her sister’s, Darlene, warning. These women are all finding a way to accept, and understand each other’s different paths while keeping their family intact.

I like the backdrop for this story. You have a group of interesting sisters who are all different enough to keep the story moving. The person I was most interested in reading about seemed to not be feature as much though. I think what gets me about this book though is the odd depiction of country, small town people. I am from a small, rural, area and I don’t know anyone who acts like the people in the book.

The characters usually use words that I haven’t heard anyone use in a very long time, and most the older ladies act like women from the 1950s. The only thing I felt might have been realistic to my small town life was the cautious approach Darlene had toward the new reverend in town. Usually country people are so untrusting of other people to the extent of making up things about them.

As I said earlier though I wish Nolie’s relationship would have been more focused on. I found Carlene to be slightly interesting, and Darlene just seemed annoying. I think the overall goody, fluffy feel is just too much for me. You don’t have an interesting story underneath all this though. I did like the inclusion of Carlene coming home, and Darlene latching on to something to attack her over. It livened their characters up.

If you typically like feel-good novels with over the top characters then this I would recommend. If you need something more edgy it might not be for you. It definitely plays things safe. You can check out the novel at Amazon.

Rating 3 of 5.

This book was provided by Glass Roads Publications in exchange for a review.

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