Wednesday Movie Night: Back to the Future 2 (1989)

 Marty McFly is instantly caught in Doc’s blast to another time to rescue his family from a troubled future. They head to 2015 to encounter familiar yet stranger enemies that threaten to destroy their mission. Not only is Marty going to have trouble in the future, he has another run in with his parents stirring the already growing problems mounting from traveling through time.

I really enjoy the Back to the Future trilogy. I have no idea why, but they are the most comforting movies in the world. you can’t feel bad when you’re watching them! The second one adds on to the first movie amazingly though.  With the first one we left with a huge cliffhanger, and this second one wastes no time giving the viewer what they want, which is right where we left off. In a way you must watch the first one to fully enjoy the second one I think.

Michael J. Fox portrays McFly in a way that accurately gives us an idea of his flaws, but also makes him extremely likable. I have a huge crush on Marty McFly right now, and I can proudly say that. I also like that Christopher Lloyd makes Doc eccentric enough to be out there, but it isn’t to the point where it feels cheesy or over done. Doc is a likable mad scientist you are rooting for. There was some acting overdone in the beginning by the bullies though. Way too many facial expression were overdone, and the stereotypical goofy bully took away from the movie for me, though not enough to rid this one from my favorites. I also thought the makeup was interesting to see since they did quite a good job at making Michael J. Fox other characters.

One of the most enjoyable things about this movie though is all the twist and turns. They may be expected by the watchful viewer, but it’s fun seeing Marty having to navigate the past and future so he doesn’t mess it up. I also like the blend of the past movie and this one. It flowed together well. I also am really disappointed that this movie predicted we would have flying cars in 2015, and we’re now sitting in 2012 with that not becoming a full scale thing happening yet. We still have a few years to make that happen though.

Back to the Future 2 is enjoyable, but it somehow more cheesiness escapes into the film than we found in the first one. Despite this it is a strong upholding to the first one though not quite as strong in story.  It’s still one I’ll want to go back and watch again for a long time. The good thing is you want this sequel, especially after the huge first cliffhanger. It leaves you wanting the third right at that moment.

Rating 5 of 5.

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