Photography Editing: Beginning Levels, Curves, Tones, and Contrast

If there is anything I am trying to get better at it’s editing. I know that some photographers would refute, and even some don’t allow extreme editing to photos, but I truly believe that most things you see in magazines, online, or in whatever media form are the natural form it was in when it was shot. Personally, I enjoy editing. I already love my photos before, but after seeing what things like GIMP, or Photoshop can do to help me take my picture to the next level, I really couldn’t imagine a picture without it. A common misconception is that editing changes the realistic identity of the photo, and I don’t believe that is true. Sometimes a camera just doesn’t all around take the vividness that the eye catches, and you have to bring out certain portions of it later. As you can see with the following pictures, they are both what I thought to be good, but contrast, brightness, tone, level, and curve editing can take the picture to another level. Of course, different techniques vary depending on the picture.

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