Saturday Movie: The Help (2011)

Skeeter has returned home, and life in Mississippi seems to be different with the absence of her housemaid, Constantine. Hilly, Elizabeth, and the rest of the city has also went on a crusade to eliminate their housemaids from the restrooms of the white people’s houses they work for.  Skeeter recruits housemaids, Aibileen, an Minny in the hopes of making people aware of the life of housemaids. Also, a new neighbor has moved into the community, Celia, and all she wants to do is fit in with Hilly, and the rest of the crew.

I read the book to this before watching the movie, and though this was a great movie I think it slightly jilted my view of it. The beauty of a book is that you can spend as much time on character development as you want, but with a movie you have to crunch it into a certain amount of time.  Many moments are sped through, and changed for the sake of time in this movie.  This movie still has the ability to cause us to root for certain characters, and despise others with it’s good storytelling.

It’s really difficult to say anyone actress was the stand out in this film. All of them brought their character to the screen well. Well it was admiring Minny’s ability to be witty, and heartfelt, or despising Hilly every moment of the movie these actresses displayed their personalities perfectly. It was because of this The Help has so much going for it. You wish you could have the strength that Octavia Spencer finds to exude in her character. There is also Emma Stone who portrays Skeeter. As Emma Stone is just as interesting as she always is in any role. I can’t think of any role she’s done where I just hated it.

I felt like some part of the movie were shuffled under other story lines though like the romance Skeeter had with the guy. It didn’t seem to have much of a point except for someone to have a relationship to surround drama around. There are other things that felt threw in too like Skeeter’s flashbacks. Now her story with Constantine is crucial to the story, and you can’t disregard it. It was so rushed, and at times you would forget about it before they got back around to it. The movie is really pretty though. The colors, and the setting added to the feel of the movie.

Overall, The Help does live up to the hype. It has funny moments, emotional moments, and the ending leaves us feeling up after the terrible events that take place in the movie have us rooting for the bad people. It almost feels like how a classic movie would make us feel.

Rating 5 of 5.

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