13 of 1001 Movies: The Adventures of Robin Hood (1938)

When King Richard takes a leave of absence, King John, and the Norman Lords begin suppressing the Saxons of the community. A Saxon lord, Robin Hood, begins plotting to fight back against the injustice that is happening against him, and the masses. Starring Errol Flynn, and directed by Michael Curtiz and William Keighly.

My Thoughts
Robin Hood thankfully is an interesting story. Whether in cartoon format as a fox, or Errol Flynn he has appeal. Even better this film was made with technicolor, meaning we can see this movie in the earliest form of bringing color to the screen. It is quite beautiful to see everyone in colorful costumes. With strong acting, and an appealing story the movie has something going for it.

Errol Flynn might be a likable guy, but for some reason I didn’t find Robin Hood hugely likable. Though he was working for the greater good he just liked a bit of humbleness. The smugness annoyed me. I guess Flynn was doing his job though, so it probably can’t be put back on him, though for some reason I liked the fox way better in the Disney version. Maid Marian also does a good job at keeping the audience entertained. Her switch from King John’s side to Robin Hood’s league.

As for things besides the acting the film there are some shots in the film that just seem off. Maybe they were intended to appear the way they did, but it just looked odd in the film. There is one moment where Robin Hood sneaks to meet Maid Marian, and they are embracing, but then it show them in individual shoulder shots. The characters look too far away from the camera, which shows it from the opposite character’s view. There also other scenes that show characters one moment struggling to recover from a fight, and then standing upright as if nothing had happened. These things seemed too obviously out of place to be intended.

If you enjoy the story of Robin Hood then this is a must watch.  The story is action packed, adventurous, and whatever other words you would think to describe his story. There are some moments too jilted for me though, but I still could look past it and enjoy the movie.

Rating 3 of 5.

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