14 of 1001 Movies: An Affair to Remember (1957)

Nickie, and Terry meet on an ocean liner, and find themselves continually crossing each other’s path until they both realize they’ve fallen in love. There is just one problem, which is that they are both engaged to other people not on the liner. They agree that they need to take six months to prepare if they are to be together and agree to meet at the Empire State Building. When tragedy hits though it runs the risk at destroying their future. Directed by Leo McCarey.

My Thoughts
An Affair to Remember is like the prelude to all other romantic comedies that will one day follow.  The movie won four Academy Awards in 1958 including Best Music Score.  Also, it stars the classic Cary Grant. I’m sure Deborah Kerr is a classic too! I’ve just always heard about Cary Grant, without even had to have watched one of his movies.

The film is beautiful. The colors are rich, and vibrant, and even though much of the scenery is fake it’s pulled off pretty well. You can say it isn’t real, but it isn’t obvious enough to be distracting.  I also liked the turn from each scene. We get a shot of the location, and then where they are at on that location.  The shots of the ocean liner looked well captured against many of the evening lighting they had. The beginning scene of the snow falling also just leads the viewer in. I’m not sure why, I love they began and closed with that.

You can’t talk about the movie though without mentioning the actors. There were various people to appear in the film, but the lead actor, and actress almost make everyone else seem forgettable except Grandmother Janou (Cathleen Nesbitt). She is absolutely charming, and we all wish she could be our grandma. I have never seen Cary Grant in a film though, so I was excited about seeing him as an actor. He seemed like the George Clooney of the 50s even in this movie.  There is also Deborah Kerr who is absolutely mesmerizing as Terry. Everything from the way she talks to how she dresses embodies a lady like classiness that seems to be missing from many movie actresses nowadays.

To watch this movie though you will have to either buy into the belief that in the 50s existed a fantasy world of manners, and innocence that modern day people have invented regarding the era, or accept the fact these two adults don’t seem too caught up on the shallow aspects of relationships that many find themselves centering it around nowadays. I appreciated letting go of reality for a couple of hours and believing two people could love each other on the pure interest of one another, and not for the underlying physical wants this movie glazes over.

With fun outfits, beautiful colors, and good acting this film comes out as something adorable to watch. You can tell the actors enjoy it. I don’t even feel you have to be a fan of romantic comedies to enjoy this one, but it would make a good date night movie, or even family movie considering the lack of vulgarity in it.

Rating 4 of 5.

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