197 of 1001 Albums: The Grateful Dead’s Live/Dead

This is the first live album from The Grateful Dead. The songs are from a series of concert instead of just recorded at one. It is noted that this album captured The Grateful Dead improvisation at their best. It is listed on Rolling Stones’ Greatest Album of All Time also at number 244. The album received positive critical acclaim and is still considered a classic today.
My Thoughts
There are few live albums I would prefer to listen to over studio albums. The Grateful Dead have put together a good live album, but some of the sets go on a really long time. I think you would probably have to be a huge fan to really enjoy it. They throw in some singles that are shorter versions of other songs they play. The quality is really good though, and just as they did on the studio versions they show their talent. This album does give you something you wouldn’t otherwise get though, which is how talented the guys are at putting together music live.¬†
Rating 2 of 5.

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