16 of 1001 Movies: L’Age D’or (1930)

This vague outline of a plot from Luis Bunuel follows two lovers who are trying to consummate their love. Their attempts are stopped by their families, the Roman church, and society. Surrealism is strong in this film that was wrote by Salvador Dali. Starring Gaston Modot, and Lya Lys.

My Thoughts
So as someone who does believe in Christ, and is a Christian this movie was highly offensive, and there was no way I could find a reason to like it. The negative was too huge to get past.  I’ve never been one to enjoy something that employs shock value to land itself on a list like this. This movie was even banned in American for 50 years, before it was allowed to be shown in theaters in 1979.

The story line isn’t heavy, but it is present. For the first forty minutes the story plays out interestingly. There is no sign that some bizarre changes are about to arrive in the movie. In the beginning we get some odd bits of scorpions, and information about them, and then the story transitions to men running to the castles. We then see our two leads meet after arriving, and they begin making out right around the crowd of people. That was another problem I had with the movie. There is nothing redeeming about the two leads. They are two people who showcase little control over themselves to the point where they are trying to make love around a crowd of people. They will do anything, and everything to get their way.

At then it becomes really difficult to watch for me though. Anyone who is Christian will be offended. I just don’t think there is any getting past that. For many they will probably be outraged over my ability to critique the film for just that, but I couldn’t. The images that the director creates are really too offensive, and for me were not comedic at all. There are many scenes where he obviously seeks to hurt anyone who is has a belief in Christianity.

It’s true that my perception of L’Age D’or (The Golden Age) was too badly harmed by the ending. I felt the scenery, and jabs were unneeded to make his point about sex, and his perspective on religion. There is a difference between going after the people who have offended you in a belief, and Christ. I couldn’t recommend this movie to anyone for two scenes that still stand out to me alone.

Rating 1 of 5.

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