208 of 1001 Albums: Emerson, Lake, and Palmer’s Tarkus

The second studio album by Emerson, Lake, and Palmer was perhaps their biggest hit in the U.S. reaching number ten. It was certified gold in 1971 not too long after it’s release. The reviews of the album mostly favorable at the time it came out with it being some of the critics favorite album they had heard. The album is actually one of two ELP’s albums that is scheduled for a re-release in 2012. 
My Thoughts
Emerson, Lake, and Palmer have put together an interesting mix of music with this one. The genre seems to always hop. The only song that I felt caught me was “Are You Ready Eddy?” with it’s 50s vibe, but the rest didn’t catch my attention too much. There is almost a sci-fi feel to the album, which is difficult to put into words. If there is anything that I can give to the band they made a very unique second album for everyone to listen to. 
Rating 2 of 5.

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