216 of 1001 Albums: John Lennon’s Imagine

In 1971 John Lennon released his second studio album featuring gentler songs from his previous work. The album was voted on to Rolling Stones’ Greatest Album of All Time List. The reviews of the album were mixed with some magazines leaving positive reviews, others were mixed liked Rolling Stone. In the wake of his previous album some didn’t believe that it held up. 
My Thoughts
John Lennon takes the sound of music to a different level with this album. The songs are dreamy, and honest.  It’s difficult not to imagine the story taking place behind these songs. So he definitely has talent with how he puts together music. There are some themes in the album where at one moment he seems to be right on, but then other moments he doesn’t seem to realize the short extent of his own view. The lyrics of some songs were the huge negative for me. 
Rating 3 of 5.

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