217 of 1001 Albums: Joni Mitchell’s Blue

Canadian singer/songwriter, Joni Mitchell released her fourth album in 1971. It reached #15 on the Billboard charts achieving critical, and commercial success. It ranked #3 on the U.K. album charts that same year. New York Times also credited her album with being an important turning point, and musical peak in music history. The single “Carey” was a chart topping hit at #93 on the Billboard singles chart. 
My Thoughts
I really enjoyed Joni Mitchell. There seems to be so many levels of folk, and her style is just one that appeals to me. Her voice is so strong, yet has this soft quality that just goes well with the genre. The album is very obviously 70s though. I have no idea why, but I couldn’t shake the vibe that it gave me regarding that. It maybe hindered my ability to relate to it slightly. 
Rating 3 of 5.

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