218 of 1001 Albums: Led Zeppelin’s IV (Four Symbols)

Led Zeppelin’s fourth album is one of the best selling albums worldwide with 32 million units moved. The album also is listed on Rolling Stones’ Greatest Albums of All Time. It is a proven commercial success, and critical success as well. It stayed on the U.K charts for 62 weeks at number one during the year of it’s release in 1971. It was the biggest selling album in the U.S. known for not reaching number one on the charts. 
My Thoughts
I think I’ve consumed almost every Led Zeppelin album song I can think of at this point. I have to say they are quite an intriguing band. They keep things fresh, and unique with their music. One moment you are listening to what sounds like just rock, and the next you have banjos, and acoustic guitars. I like the way they mix it up. The vocals go whatever they try too. I’m not sure they are exactly what I would usually listen to, but they are a band I would see myself giving another listen. The only thing is figuring out the whole odd embedded symbols with this album.
Rating 3 of 5.

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