22 of 1001 Albums: Aliens (1986)

A good amount of time has passed since the last movie, and Ripley is about to awake to find another wake of terror regarding the creature she encountered years ago. When a colony is attacked by the aliens Ripley must return to help the marines sort out what is happening to the disappearing colony. Only Ripley is able to fully anticipate the amount of horror happening making her reluctant to return.

My Thoughts
After watching Alien, I was very excited to watch Aliens. I wanted to see Ripley kick more butt. James Cameron takes what was almost a horror film and turns it into what I thought was pure sci-fi. Though this isn’t a negative, it changes the whole vibe from the first film into something else. With a more recognizable cast though I feel like we get a tad more of a classic with this one.

With Sigourney Weaver’s returns we find her also accompanied by other cast members like Bill Paxton. For me I enjoyed all the acting. I even liked the little bit of love interest Cameron threw in for Weaver. It wasn’t overplayed to the point where it took away from the real issue of the alien attack on hand. I think I felt a little less for the overall crew of this team than I did in the first movie though. I wasn’t as sad when something happened. This is strange because I did feel there was a better expansion upon who the characters were though to try to get the audience to connect with them better.

Aliens is intense though. There are moments where I thought I needed to turn off the film just because I needed a break from all the action. The scared feeling was almost all gone after the first one though. I felt like the visibility of the aliens took away from the creep factor that was there. They still felt intimidating, but not as much so since they weren’t lurking in the dark as much. There are some great fight scenes including when Ripley gets a robot to go against the mother of the aliens.

I think unlike a lot of sequels this one makes a strong companion to it’s first one. The vibe changes a bit, but you can totally feel it’s James Cameron. He is a sci-fi director, but he isn’t a horror one so it’s expected. Thankfully, the two are so different I don’t even think I could choose a favorite between them. With the addition of being able to add more effects in it did add to the movie.

Rating 4 of 5.

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