Movie Review: The Hunger Games (2012)

Katniss, and her family find themselves struggling already in District 12, but when the annual Hunger Games arrive she finds her family is about to be dealt a lot more. When her sister, Primrose, name is called to participate in the dreaded event Katniss volunteers in her place to compete to live in a life or death game of survival against 24 other kids, and teens. Katniss also find she is thrown into a test of her feelings between an old friend, Gale, and a new ally, Peeta.

The Hunger Games is a rich, lively, violent and intense film that lives up to the hype. Every part seems suiting to the person cast, and though violent it never gets too graphic for the viewer to handle. I found myself wincing, and feeling the pain of the characters, but I was thankful I didn’t have to see the full brutality of what these kids experienced. Gary Ross attempts to give us deep characters with a more living in the film feel with this beginning in the series.

Even though this movie is over two hours long I don’t remember ever feeling the pacing was off. All the scenes seem paced well enough to keep you attentive at each part. The way Ross shot the film is very jittery though. Either this will add to the action for some, or give others a headache. In some ways it probably takes away from the direct brutality of the violence occurring. The movie looks great on screen though.

On top of this the acting is also great. If you’ve read the books then you will have this part of the review to ponder over, but I thought all the actors picked suited who I imagined in the book. Jennifer Lawrence has proven herself to be a strong actress already, but she embraces the qualities of Katniss we imagine her to have such as strength, and feminine attributes. Josh Hutchinson till this point seems to have mostly been in more kid movies except for a few indie ones thrown about. Hutchinson was probably one of the best parts about this film though. He truly becomes Peeta.

If you’re a fan of The Hunger Games I would say this movie offers a great visual representation of what you read. For people who haven’t read the novels I think they can equally enjoy what this movie has to offer. Not only that, but the soundtrack has an array of music that fits the movie well. With great casting, and a movie that is pulled together well it should entertain a wide array of people. Just expect for a little bit of doom regarding the story line.

Rating 4 of 5.

One thought on “Movie Review: The Hunger Games (2012)

  1. Great review! I’ve heard so many great things about this film that I’m now more excited than ever to check it out. Luckily for me I noticed it was just sent out to me in my Blockbuster @Home queue today too, so I’ll finally be able to watch it in the next couple of days. At first I didn’t think it would be my type of film, when I heard my coworker at Dish talking about it, but now that I’ve seen how the world has reacted to it I’m sure I’m in for a great treat! Reading the books is definitely my next step after I watch the movie. 🙂


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