Book Review: Bob Hostetler’s Quit Going To Church

It seems Christianity has gotten lost in tradition, and culture without anyone really analyzing what Jesus truly intended for followers of him. Quit Going to Church looks at what it would be like if we quit the rituals we have made and chose to live out being the church, and giving 100% to Christ. With each chapter the author gives us more insight to the rules we so badly try to follow and flips them into a more insightful way of making it a lifestyle instead of a practice.

After reading Unstuck I felt a little bit at a loss at how to get unstuck. Though the book gave advice it felt like it was only getting to the surface. Quit Going to Church delves right into the heart of getting unstuck in your faith though in a completely honest way. The author doesn’t hold anything back, and you can tell he is passionate about the subject.   I didn’t feel like any chapter was lacking as far as advice, and insight. He also knows how to back up what he is saying with Biblical verses, and without too much referring to other author’s for quotes though he does do it occasionally.

When I first got this book I thought it was going to be about a guy who quit going to church. I obviously didn’t read the synopsis. This book is instead an encouraging way to read more into the life of Jesus, and the things we’ve made practices instead of trying to grow a closer relationship to Jesus. I started putting all this stuff into gear after reading it in an attempt to become better at living out my faith. The quotes included also don’t overwhelm the book. I didn’t feel like he was relying too much on what others have already said to make his own point.

There were some editing errors though. They don’t take away from the message of the book, but they are pretty obvious. I think this book deserves a reread overall. It was interesting, and it was probably one of the first Christian books so far that I’ve learned something from. I felt inspired in my faith from what he had to say. I believe my favorite bit was when he discussed tithing and how to keep the focus off tithing in his church he will pass out money to his congregation! I thought that was just awesome. I would want to check out this guy’s Sunday service.

I got a lot more from this book than I expected. I found myself rereading parts to better understand it, and for the first time I wanted to grasp everything I could without skimming. For anyone who is truly stuck in their faith, or struggling to understand Jesus a little better I would recommend this. A unique guy wrote it who seems to have the ability to think out of the box.

Rating 5 of 5.

This book was provided by Leafwood Publishing in exchange for a review.

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