237 of 1001 Albums: Black Sabbath’s Volume 4

The title of this album was set to be “Snowblind” in reference to the several songs that referred to cocaine use, but it ended up being “Volume 4”. The album wasn’t a huge hit with critics, but did get some favorable reviews thrown in. It was the band’s fourth release though to reach one million sales in the U.S. and it achieved Gold status. The album went to produce several singles.
My Thoughts
I don’t believe I will ever enjoy Black Sabbath’s music. Too many way dark undertones for me to really get into it, but I will give them this, I did quite enjoy the song “Changes”. You can tell the guys were veering into a much more musically orchestrated group.  This song was one of the slower ones, and it captures the sometimes not too welcome changes of whatever state you’re changing from. The others seem like trademark Black Sabbath style though. 
Rating 2 of 5.

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