26 of 1001 Movies: All That Heaven Allows (1955)

A widow is left alone after her children begin growing up, and the prospect of marriage is popping up again to suitors. But despite her wealthy options she takes notice of, Hudson, her gardner. This causes a fuss in her rich society, and she finds herself having to defend her decision to her children, and her friends. Her concern about how society perceives her, and her younger lover may be too much for the pair to overcome.

My Thoughts
Perhaps this is one of my favorite movies that I’ve been able to watch so far. The colors were lively, and I liked the story line. Some of the acting, and a few scenes were questionably cheesy, but I guess that can be expected with these sort of movies. I think the most memorable cheesy moment was when a deer kept running around where Hudson lived. I’ve never seen a deer do that.

Though I thought the movie was compelling I found Hudson to be annoying at times. He’s so quiet, and Wyman’s character is looking for reassurance in him that he denies her. In the movie this is supposed to be a positive because She is gaining the confidence to direct her life, which is great, but it also seems to take away the masculine responsibility of Hudson stepping up and comforting her. I wanted to see more emotion from Rock Hudson in these scenes.

Douglas Sirk puts together a beautiful movie though. The technicolor adds a vivid quality to the colors when usually entertainment debuted in black and white. There are some scenes that are quite romantic too just as they should be like when Carrie, and him lay in front of the fire, or the scene in front of the window with the snow falling and the dramatic discussion about their future together. Sirk plays up the atmosphere really well.

Overall, this is a movie I would want to watch when I need hope in romance, or want to feel romantic with someone. It has a good vibe to it, and you can’t help but like how they stand by one another in the film. I think Hudson’s acting was a little not expressive, but great performances from the rest of the cast.

Rating 4 of 5.

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