239 of 1001 Albums: Curtis Mayfield’s Superfly

This third album from Curtis Mayfield was a soundtrack for a film of the same name. It is one of the classic os 70s soul, and funk music, and became almost an instant hit upon it’s release. The film was outgrossed by the soundtrack, which is rare. The theme of drug abuse, and poverty made it one of the innovative concept albums of it’s time. The success of this soundtrack landed him more contracts to do other film soundtracks after this. 
My Thoughts
If there is one thing that the 70s has brought me that I haven’t found is an enjoyable genre for me it’s the soul, and funk music. I found Mayfield’s music to be catchy though.  I at least listened to it, and could envision a movie it was happening with so it succeeded at that. I think what fascinates me more is the history behind the album because it seems to have garnered a lot of attention. Overall, it’s not a bad album, and it has it’s appeal, but not 100% what I normally like.
Rating 3 of 5.

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