Book Review: Ken Gire’s Relentless Pursuit

Ken Gire tackles the subject of God’s pursuit of outsiders in his new book release. Everyone has probably felt like an outsider at some point. Perhaps rejection drove you there, or you grew up not quite fitting in. Gire shares that he can relate, but that there is someone who always is pursuing to bring you to the inside of his love. With the use of Biblical passages, and others’ stories, Gire shares how God has shown love for the ones who don’t feel included inside the boundaries of being accepted by anyone else, and how he wants to bring love to their lives despite whatever it is that has thrown you to being secluded.

I seem to be on a roll of late with Christian self help books, and they are quite impressive. This one brought something new to the table despite my not so favorite use of other sources. When Gire delves into his own life, and uses the Bible though he finds a pace that becomes inspiring, and powerful to the reader he is sharing it with. For someone of late who has been feeling like an outsider herself it was a welcome read to know that regardless there is one still wanting to love me despite where I’m currently at.

There were some bits from this book that I will take that inspired me like the bit about Gire on writers. He believes that being a good writer is more than just telling a story or being good at writing, but to be truly great at it you have to be able to capture emotions, and feelings. I felt a lot of inspiration from this as an author after reading. I’ve often beat myself up that my writing might not evoke a deeper sense of language than I would like it to. I think the examples he uses of Jesus pursuing those who were outcasts was inspiring to. Though any of us can pick up a Bible to find it, when it’s pieced together in a book to bring an overall encouragement to draw from it then it puts it into a perspective we haven’t considered.

I also liked how the book was organized, though it started off iffy for me I believe it got stronger as it went. At first I wondered if the book was just going to contain constant stories I could have read somewhere else until it builds upon itself into something powerful. By the end you’re clinging onto the book for words you have wanted to hear from someone.

Gire has created a strong book. It could have captured me a bit more at the beginning, but since I took so much inspiration away from it by the end I let it slide, and forgot about it.  I acquired many good quotes that I will use from encouragement from it, and always try to remember that even when I feel most like an outcast that Jesus never perceived me as someone so much an outcast that I couldn’t be included. You can check out the book at Amazon.

Rating 4 of 5.

This book was provided by Bethany House publishers in exchange for a review. 

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