28 of 1001 Movies: All The President’s Men (1976)

Bob Woodward, and Carl Bernstein find an intriguing mystery when burglars are arrested at the Watergate offices. . Upon further investigation the two guys discover this is a problem much deeper than they thought, and begin tracing it’s roots in money, and to Richard Nixon during his reelection campaign in 1972. The two find themselves in dangerous territory as they become set on exposing the ones involved in a very intricate cover-up.

My Thoughts
All the President’s Men does a brilliant job at doing what it is supposed to, which is teaching, and telling the story of two journalists who probably set the standards of what journalism is supposed to live up to.  I think it’s also a great learning tool for people learning about the Watergate Scandal in school. It’s pretty straight forward, and does a good job at covering the story in a way that makes a very complex situation understandable. The biggest problem is that I often found myself bored, which probably stems from my lack of interest in the issue despite the importance of it.

Robert Redford, and Dustin Hoffman were great casts for their roles. Without these guys I think the movie would have lost some of it’s appeal. Despite their bugging interviewees they come off likable, and you can see why someone might invite them in to discuss the most revealing information they have on Nixon, and his crew.  Hoffman has proven himself to be a flexible actor in the various movies I’ve seen. He switches from comedy to drama brilliantly.

As for the boredom I experienced though, I couldn’t look past that. You need every ounce for this movie for the story yet at the same time 2 hours, and 19 minutes of straight political talk isn’t up my alley either. There also is no background music, so that will either add to your like of the movie or take away from it. I thought it could use some music here and there just to move the scenes along, or keep it from being so silent sometimes. It felt empty without some added touches of it. I think Alan J. Pakula showcased a movie that deserves at least recognition for capturing a huge event in America. I walked away at least learning, or being reminded of things I may have not recalled clearly before about the scandal. I also have to say I like how actual footage of Nixon’s campaign was woven in.

If you’re looking to learn a little about America’s government, especially since we are in the midst of election season, this would be the perfect fit. It may not help you feel better about the doubt that most of us are experiencing toward our elected officials though, and may only amp up your skeptical reactions toward the candidates. I think the only issue is, is that mainly it’s just not something I would pick up to watch. Others might find this to be a great movie, which I can understand, but for me it was a tad of a forced thing to watch.

Rating 2 of 5.

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