252 of 1001 Albums: Paul Simon’s Self Titled

This is the second album from Paul Simon, his first album wasn’t released in the U.S. till 2005. This album became representative that Simon and Garfunkel had broke up. It is on Rolling Stones’ Greatest Album of All Time list. It has been a critical success. The album is also noted for having autobiographical lyrics. In 1986 it was certified platinum. 
My Thoughts
Though I got to say I miss the partnership of Art Garfunkel, I also enjoyed this album too. It has a nice sound, and it has good variety. None of the songs sound like one another, so it makes for an interesting mix as you listen. It’s also pretty 70 sounding with the wind instruments, and such. I like Simon’s voice though. It’s soothing, and relaxes you if you need to wind down. It also helps that he’s talented with the guitar. There are quite a few songs that will get your memory after listening such as “Duncan”. 
Rating 4 of 5.

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