Television Review: Go On (NBC)

For some reason I feel Go On is going to be a difficult sell to the audience despite the fact it has potential. Also, it seems like most the cast of Friends have had a difficult time parting themselves from the show, so perhaps Matthew Perry will find a little bit of hope in this comedy-drama mix?

Ryan King, a sportscaster,  is left a widower after his wife died a month prior to his company believing it was time he sought help to move on. He is assigned to attend ten mandatory group therapy sessions where he meets an interesting group of people all suffering from different type of losses including the loss of siblings, children, animals, and people recovering from divorces. King is out of place in this type of setting where he is encouraged to share his feelings, but somehow he manages.  Just when you think the show is getting serious it takes an upbeat turn.

I’m going to give Go On a break since it’s the Pilot episode, and I think it takes a few episodes to find your place. In a strange way I felt that Go On had the same vibe of Community. We have a huge variety of characters, and they seem to be recognizable faces. I appreciated how the show took a look at something I’ve actually been dealing with directly, and indirectly of late, and that is loss. It didn’t just cover death though, but it showcases how divorces, and breakups can be painful in their own right also.

I like the supporting cast, and though I like Matthew Perry’s character, Ryan King, I also felt maybe someone else could have been cast in this role too. Though when Perry needs to get serious he does it well, but at times he comes off condescending. I have hope he can grow into the character, but it’s going to take a lot of complexity to show this guy slowly breaking down, and realizing how tragic the loss of his wife is. Owen, and Sonia were also the other two characters that captured me. I can’t wait to see more of their stories.

Also, who picked the music for this show? It was great. When Iron and Wine played in the background I was  absolutely relieved to hear someone had some taste somewhere. It probably also makes for one of the most memorable, and beautiful scenes in the show. Particularly the moment where King goes to his bed to find he isn’t ready to sleep there without his wife. I think I almost cried, and that’s embarrassing. Anyways, I want to also note this show didn’t get a lot of laughs from me either. There were no laugh out loud moments. I also wished that Perry would stop talking in such a robotic voice the whole time.

Go On will probably need a couple of episodes to catch on. I have to say I want to give it another chance though. It seems like something I know in my life at this moment, and since loss never goes away it may be something I always know. It wasn’t the strongest start, but it was a good start. Hopefully Perry can loosen up as the show goes on, and show what Ryan King really is all about.

Rating 4 of 5.

One thought on “Television Review: Go On (NBC)

  1. This show had such a great pilot, but because it was a month ago, after the Olympics, I’d forgotten the new episode would be on last night. I didn’t remember until I saw some of my Dish Co-Workers I follow on Twitter talking about it. Of course, this was after the show was already over. Luckily though, I set up my PrimeTime Anytime function on my Hopper, so I’ll be able to go home tonight and watch it. I’m really hoping this show works out for Perry; I like him in just about everything, and I think the guy deserves another hit.


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