261 of 1001 Albums: The Temptations’ All Directions

With albums like Cloud Nine, and Solid Rock already stapling The Temptations into the realm of soul music greats,  the guys returned to record an album that would become another classic to continue on their legendary status. All Directions feels different than what the guys have put together before with deeper content, and lyrics that show the band probably was really moving into all directions with at the very least their sound.

The Temptations don’t lose their funk roots in this album, but they do seem to be blending more soul than prior albums lacked. The range of vocals, and funky 1970s beat keeps it in the realm of still being funk. What can be appreciated is how detail is taken to each genre of music fused into the album whether it be conveyed in the drums, the vocals, the guitar, or the brass. It all has it’s own bit in their music to admire.

The first thing I noticed was the social issues approached in the album, such as racism. While listening to Cloud Nine I felt the lyrics contained much lighter content.  The boldness in lyrics gives All Directions a perspective into history. The baritone of Otis Williams is perhaps my favorite piece of vocals also. There is the addition of his vocals mixed in with more subject serious matter that works to create a mood for the album that is suiting.

Most likely you might need to be a huge fan of music within in the realm of funk to embrace this album. There is a lot to be said about these guys grew in this album from the last I heard them. The music, and lyrics seem more crafted to match the marvelous harmonies of each member. I also believed they branched out to make music that could reach broader audiences.

Rating 3 of 5.

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