Television Review: Partners (CBS)

Again we are brought another comedy about friends brought together by love, and lifelong friendships. Except this time it revolves around two men who happen to be best friends. Their girlfriend, and boyfriend is also wound into this relationship. In seems in attempt to make a show about dynamic relationships that Partners overshoots.

Joe and Louis have always balanced each other well. Now that they are in an architecture business together they are combing the best of their friendship into a business. This makes their other relationships awkward tough. Louis doesn’t seem to value his boyfriend, Wyatt, all that much, and Ali is almost broken up with by Joe at the encouragement of Louis. As the tagline claims though their may only be two couples in love in this group, there are three couples involved.

I think something this show does well is that it tries to show a real friendship between diverse people. It has some moments where it seems too over the top and unrealistic. I also feel a lot like I’m watching a copy of How I Met Your Mother for some reason. I have no idea why that is, something just feels the same. David Krumholtz is probably the strongest actor of the group who is surrounded by others not quite in the same mode of knowing their niche.

Michael Urie is the scene stealer despite Krumholtx better abilities. I almost felt like the show was about Wyatt, his character, at times. There was something I didn’t like too much about Sophia Bush. Perhaps she just wasn’t endearing, and very one dimensional. Wyatt even goes to describe her skills lacking in cooking at one point, but that shouldn’t hurt the fact if she wants to marry Joe. How archaic is that? Then there is Brandon Routh. He doesn’t really feel integral to the show. He’s just a boyfriend to fill out the couples. Watching Routh you sort of see why he disappeared from entertainment for a while. He’s not got that great of acting skills. I felt like at times he was over acting being gay.

I will say though this show did keep my interest. I watched the whole time. Though the scenarios were over the top it was still entertainment. I honestly don’t even know what story lines you could rehash with a show like this. It seems like it has all been done at this point minus the fact it’s two male friends, one being gay, and one straight. I guess that is what is supposed to make it different.

I am curious whether Partners will make it. Along with CBS’ other comedy lineup it is quite suiting. It has that vibe to it. Maybe with this being the Pilot it will get better with time. The acting has a long way to go for the most part along with the writing. I think someone needs to realistically ask themselves what would be the outlook of two guys who have a friendship like this without the over top scenarios.

Rating 3 of 5.

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